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About E.J.Towler


I live in coastal Virginia and enjoy writing tales of extraordinary women and the men they love or sometimes simply tolerate. Writing military heroes, heroines, and villains comes natural to me as I served in the United States Army. I am also the daughter, spouse and mother-in-law of United States Military Veterans.
 Brownie is my constant writing companions. Brownie sits patiently with her tennis ball waiting for me to throw it. Over and over and over again. Brownie is OCD (obsessive compulsive dachshund).

Dachshunds are supporting characters to all of my heroines in hopes of bringing attention to rescue of this lovable breed who are two dogs long and half a dog high. 

When not writing I enjoys the roles of wife, sister, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, college professor, and dachshund advocate. As well as the peace keeper of various characters and their story lines that are often difficult to keep at bay.

Dachshund Rescue

All my books include dachshunds some rescues others puppies. Each providing unconditional love and comfort to their owners. A percentage of my royalties will be donated to The Long Dog Retreat Dachshund Rescue – Michigan.  Take time to check out their websitewww.thelongdogretreat.org
or Facebook/www.facebook.com/TheLongDogRetreatRescue. Make a donation or perhaps there’s room for one more dachshund in your home.