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I hope you will enjoy reading Dachshund Rescue Stories

                                             Dachshunds may be two dogs long and half a dog high but they are mighty hunters! 
                                                                 Can you please throw the ball just one more time after this one?
Hello, excuse me, do you see the snow?
At least you could give me a sweater, maybe some boots.
 Guinevere - The Big Snow February 2015
Lady Guinevere passed away last month. We will miss our Sexy, Frosty Face Senior.
Rest in Peace Sweet Baby! 

There are many loving wiener dogs hoping for a Forever Home. EJ is currently writing the life stories of some of my friends who have found theirs. If you have a rescue "HOT DOG" who'd like to be interviewed. Have your Mommy or Daddy Dog send EJ a message. Maybe her readers will see your picture and read your story.
Brownie and Guinevere after a long day of playing.